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Message from Günter Younger


Thank you for putting your trust in WADA. 

As Director of WADA’s independent Intelligence and Investigations (I&I) Department, my role is to ensure that the information you provide as a confidential source (informant or whistleblower) is treated with the utmost confidentiality, that your allegations are investigated fully, that you are kept informed of our progress, and that your rights are protected. 

Sports integrity is at a crossroads. Quietly accepting doping is not a viable way forward. On the contrary, it has been proven that one of the most powerful ways to create and maintain a zero-tolerance culture for doping across sports and countries is for clean athletes and others to Speak Up!
Raising concerns in good faith, when there is reason to believe that Anti-Doping Rule Violations are being carried out, exemplifies the kind of leadership, courage, and character consistent with the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play. 

Since the launch of WADA’s Speak Up! Program in March 2017, WADA’s I&I Department has opened hundreds of cases stemming directly from confidential source information. These cases range from allegations against individual athletes or support personnel, to complex cases involving systemic anti-doping mismanagement, non-compliance and/or corruption. 

The success of this program not only highlights the increasing importance of investigations in bringing doping cheats to justice, but also the vital role of informants and whistleblowers to the global anti-doping system. These individuals, whose identities are never revealed publicly by WADA, are directly responsible for hundreds of intelligence disclosures that have been actioned by the Agency’s Confidential Information Unit and each have contributed to protecting the integrity of sport worldwide. 

If you have knowledge about any doping activities, please Speak Up! My team and I are here to listen.
On behalf of WADA and athletes around the globe, thank you!

Director, Intelligence and Investigations, WADA


WADA’s Confidential Information Unit (CIU) is responsible for managing the Speak Up! Program, WADA’s secure platform for collecting allegations from anybody that observes anti-doping misconduct. 
The CIU’s number one priority is to protect the identity of confidential sources (informants and whistleblowers) who come forward with information. As such, the CIU is staffed by Confidential Information Managers (CIMs) – dedicated professionals with extensive experience in the field of confidential information and source handling.  

To ensure that confidential information is both protected and treated to maximum effect, each Speak Up! message is carefully read, assessed, and actioned by a CIM. WADA’s CIMs work closely with WADA’s Investigations Unit and other Anti-Doping Organizations to ensure anti-doping misconduct allegations are properly investigated.  

The CIU is defined through our commitment to building collaborative relationships with our sources – relationships that are built on trust and two-way communication. Please allow us the opportunity to earn your trust. Take that first step and Speak Up! 

Should you have any questions about the Speak Up! Program, the CIU, or WADA’s Confidential Source Policy, please contact us through the reporting tool on the Speak Up! website or write to us at ciu@wada-ama.org